Welcome to MATROMAP s.r.o.


The primary activity of our company is service, maintenance, repair and incorporation of machines into production. Our company also engages in solving errors and issues in a production process and we operate worldwide. Car companies order our services for the external co-operation with our experienced, English or Spanish speaking toolmakers.

complex services
in manufacturing, assembly operations and incorporating machines into production

improving the quality of moldings

press tools maintenance


The MATROMAP company started to operate in Spain, from where we've expanded worldwide. Today we have years of experience in co-operation with renowned car companies such as PEUGEOT, CITROEN, MERCEDES, OPEL, VW, SKODA, AUDI, RENAULT, SEAT, VOLVO, SAAB and companies Gestamp and Matrici. These partnerships have been formed rolex in Spain, France, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, USA, Mexico, Russia, China and Slovakia.


CEO, Jozef Švidraň


SVK: +421 949 383 803
ESP: +34 636 842 359

CEO, Roman Švidraň


SVK: +421 907 518 966

CEO, Iveta Švidraňová


SVK: +421 948 044 786